Revenue Collective Bill of Rights

Our mission at Revenue Collective is to help each of our Members realize their professional potential. As part of that mission, we seek to help our Members execute fair and equitable compensation packages that appropriately calibrate the value an effective revenue leader delivers. The key elements of our position are:


The Right To
Due Diligence
Ensuring executives are provided with adequate due diligence before joining a company.
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The Right To
Executive Alignment
Market-driven salary and commission aligned with the rest of the executive team.
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The Right To
Pre-negotiated protection to help align executives and investors and provide security in the event of a transition.
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The Right To
Creating options to realize the value creation that revenue leader has helped to generate.
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The Right To
Ensuring commercial leaders retain the right to appropriately monetize their functional expertise.
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  • VP-level or above
  • No founders, CEOs or consultants
  • Must be a participant, not a lurker
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